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New-Chicago. The second Dark Age and the city-society has gone bereft of emotion and dis-empathy erodes society. Our species numbers in the billions and the ever evolving fast paced,dog eat dog world race/class form into an American caste system and in time conflict implodes the castes. The near future for the city of Chicago is the inevitable future for America and possibly the world. The 3rd City is re-birthed into the new world era where money and power, science and technology, politics and crime become the caveats of our society with altruism near non-existent. Life in society has become arduous and cumbersome man's tolerance is breached and he has the means to assume societies avatar to rail against its own selfish ills. We all suffer under the influence of those empowered without empathy or altruism but Church the Anti-hero will mete out our social revolt with grande and painful antagonism.

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Disenfranchised former black ops soldier turned vengeful vigilante and patriot extreme. Armed with the EM-Belt, an electronic harness which allows him to manipulate the wavelengths EMS.

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